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Character Information
Age teenager [1]
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Bucce Militia Third Platoon [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Militia [1]
Light Novel Chapter 6 - Freya

Also referred to as "Ike."[2]

One of the members of Bucce Militia's Third platoon. He was there when Brendel first regained consciousness, despite his heavy injuries at the hands of Madara’s Undead Army.[2]

Though, like everyone else, he panicked when faced by the vicious necromancer. He was able to pull himself together when the support of Freya and Brendel. During the fight with Necromancer and four Skeletons, he teamed up with Fenix. With Brendel's directions about their weaknesses and teamwork, they were the first to pierce the skeleton's skull, destroying it.[1] During the battle Erik received some wounds on his legs, but was mostly recovered by the next day.[3]

After being exhausted from traveling all night, Erik rested with the other militia near Crystal Lake. Everyone thought Brendel was nuts when he suggested that he will travel to the nearby Green Village for supplies, along with Freya and Irene, despite his heavy injuries.[3] However, after watching Brendel's amazing skills with the sword, which even defeated Freya, Erik could not say anything to stop him. Brendel also asked him to stay behind because of his injuries.[4]

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