These are long periods of time in the history. They are often referenced to give a general idea of when something happened.

Known Eras :


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Runes and Swords[2]
The Returning Light[3]
First[4] current story

Era of Eternal Night

  • In Kirrlutz's ancient poems, the era before Mother Marsha's creation of the world was known as the 'Era of Eternal Night'. Within its lore, she was living in a world that every Golden and Silver Lineage lived in.

It was unclear whether Mother Marsha was created by higher Divine Entities in the Era of Eternal Night, or she was the highest Divine Power, but one thing was clear; she shed her first tear and brought the earliest Golden and Silver Lineage out of darkness.

  • Canon to the Holy Cathedral of Fire's bible, "The continent Vaunte's shape was formed when Mother Marsha entered into a contract with the Four Spirit Kings. It was under the basis of six different Elements that formed the borders.", as narrated by Brendel. Those elements "from another world," were used to contract the Great Spirit Kings.

For more details about Elementalists, see Elemental Magic.

No approximate timeframe is given when the era of Eternal Night started, but the creation of the world by Mother Marsha marks its end. It is followed by the Era of Chaos, in which the Golden and Silver Lineages roam.

Era of Chaos

At some point of the story, Brendel finds a gate made of rock "carved with poems praising the light and fire," constructed by a renowned Great Craftman. As he briefly touches the gate, it transmits a vivid picture "as though [it] came from thirteen thousand years ago."[5]

Era of Darkness

While Brendel is engaged in a violent battle in a certain place, "buildings that persisted for tens of thousands of years and dated back to the era of the Twilight Dragon" are being destroyed.[6]

Notice the lack of capitalization to 'era', and the fact it was not mentioned elsewhere. It therefore likely refers to the Era of Darkness, when several races allied and fought against the Twilight Dragon.

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