Emergency First Aid is an extremely valuable skill that helps a character recover after being injured. It has the ability to stop bleeding and prevent the infection of wounds. Having it greatly raises the chances to succeed in bandaging compared to not having the skill.[1] It also allows bandaging to recovered +2 Health a day, rather then +1.[2]

Much to Brendel's surprise, he learns that Marden can teach Emergency First Aid and has taught Freya. After asking her to teach him, he is given the option to spend eight of his Ability Points to acquire the skill himself and he does.[1]

Game World

In the game, the first NPC that taught emergency first aid in the Grinoires region was Doctor Borg from Fortress Riedon. He would give a Mission to collect fifty bundles of flaxseed before teaching the skill, and it was a major pain in the neck; to the point where many people immediately skipped the quest and went to Bruglas, where they simply needed to pay ten silver coins to the Holy Cathedral of Fire.[1]

At the cathedral, a player could learn emergency first aid from reading Grierson’s Holy Bible, as he was the current Grand Priest.[2]

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