Also referred to as "Element Type" or "Attribute."[1][2]

This is magic that uses the elemental characteristics of Mana to create spells.[1] In order to use this type of magic, a person must unlock their Elemental Pool so that they can store Elemental Points. Elementalists, Magic Swordsman, and Sun Knights are a few of the jobs that specialize in this type of magic.[3]

In nature, elemental mana is usually in balance. This is the law of the elements that was set when Mother Marsha created the world, and is governed by the Elven kings. In some rare cases an unnatural imbalance of the elements can be formed. An example of this is when the Golden Demon Tree completely stripped the area around it of the earth element, causing the other elements to gather there in large amounts and become chaotic. [4]

There is also am elemental relation to the Holy Sigils that can be used to imbue items with power.[5]

Known Element Types:

Type Sigil Color
Wind The Elven’s Wind Empress[5] Green[6]
Fire Kirrlutz’s Fire God[5]
Water Irendar’s Water King[5]
Earth Yellow[1]

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