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Chinese 杜恩伯爵
Character Information
Age Middle Age [1]
Species Undead
Gender Male [1]
Personality cold, haughty, imposing
Profession Earl, Chief Councillor to Oberg the Seventh [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Noble [1]
Light Novel V.1, Ch.42 - Middle-aged person

Earl Dunn was the highest ranking Noble located at Fortress Riedon when Madara’s Undead Army invaded and started The First Black Rose War. He is described as a cold man with sunken eyes and a tall nose that always carried a gold cane. He is a bit if a collector and expert on Magic artifacts and can recognize such things easily.[1]

He was their when members of the Bucce Militia (Brendel, Romaine, and Freya) arrived at the fortress, but also refused to listen to their warnings. He agreed with the fortress lord, Esebar, that they needed to be imprisoned and interrogated. However, he quickly discovered Brendel's precious Elven sword and took possession of it. He was much more intrigued about the origin and history of the sword and then warned Esebar that his guards should treat the prisoners well so that he could interrogate them himself.[1]

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