Defensive Gauntlets
Item Information
Equipment Type Armor: Gauntlets
Requirements Str: 2.5 OZ
Stats DP: +2 [1]

These are a pair of heavy armor defensive gauntlets that Brendel found among the Golden Demon Tree's branches after it was defeated. Since they require 2.5 OZ strength to equip, they were to heavy for Freya, so Brendel kept them. The gauntlets add 2 directly to a his defense.[1] When struck, a blue shimmering glow would wash over the gauntlets, showing that the extra defensive points had been activated. The blue light was around the size of a soccer ball, and there was a force from within that pushed away the weapon that struck them.[2]

Though not completely explained, it seems that the Gauntlets where taken and equipped by the one of the guards in the Black Prison of Fortress Riedon. After escaping from his cell and knocking the guard out, Brendel re-equipped the gauntlets.[2]

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