Also referred to as "Shadow Lords."[1]

These are one of the three main factions among the Madara, along with the Vampires and Undead Wizards. They are made up of holy knights that committed crimes, nobles that were exiled, pirates and undead wanderers. They worship the Black Bible, and are rulers that believe in the Madara traditional ways.[2]

According to legend, the Black Magic of the Demonic Miirna race was passed down in the Black Bible to the Shadow Lords.[1]

There originally were seventeen Elven swords similar to the Thorn of Light, but the majority of these were collected and destroyed by the shadow lords in the First era.[3]

The Dark lords and the Undead Wizards hate each other and, if it had not been for the discovery of The Mercury Staff of Loptr, they would never cooperate with each other.[4]

Known Members of this faction:

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