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Character Information
Age Young Adult [1]
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Personality clever, mischievous
Profession Highland Magician Apprentice [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Level 8 [2][3]
HP 16 [1]
MP 8 [1]
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Scholar

Knowledge Basic Magic

Creation Magic

Geography Knowledge

Sigil Magic
Skills Basic Creation

Mana Arrow
Home Karsuk [1]
Light Novel V.1, Ch.43 - Not a highland knight?

Ciel is a summoned Highland Magician Apprentice whose soul it tied to the Highland Squire Card of Fate. After being summoned, he obediently follows the commands of the owner of the card as his lord. He is originally from Karsuk province of Aouine, where is was trained as a Squire and Scholar.[1]

Appearance and Personality

He is a young man with a long robe. He also often seen carrying a large number of scrolls as well. He as a very quick-witted and easy going personality. He quickly adapts to Brendel's pace and is able to somewhat predict what he wants.[1]


Previous Life

Unknown. It is unclear whether the Cards of Fate existed in the Game, as Brendel did not know about them.

Current Life

Volume 1:

The Fall of Fortress Riedon Arc


He was summoned for the first time by his new lord, Brendel, inside the Black Prison of Fortress Riedon. His first task was to use his MP to activate a Silence Sound spell stored in a Creation Container. The spell then allowed Brendel to break open the prison bars without alerting the guards.[1] As they were leaving he suggested that freeing the other prisoners might help them escape, but Brendel had his own plan and did not take his advice.[4]

Romaine and Freya:

After being introduced to Freya and Romaine, he quickly explained away his sudden appearance by being a magician. He was impressed by Brendel's strength at such a young age, and followed his lead. He tried to advise the girls (especially Freya) about the Holy Cathedral of Fire's grading system and how it compares to Brendel and them. Romaine surprised Ciel when she mentioned some ancient lore about the moon that her aunt told her. Ciel knew such stories can be found in the secret book of wizards, The Annals of Darkness. He guessed that Romaine's aunt might have a job with Knowledge of Magic like that of a Witch.[4]
Following a short wait, Brendel's Gargoyle arrived and they flew away from the tower.[4] Neither of the girls enjoyed the trip as they are both a bit scared of heights. After landing in an alley by the The Red Bronze Dragon’s Story Bar, and making a plan to meet later at the north gate, the group separated. Freya went to ask after Romaine's aunt, Romaine was tasked with finding supplies and a horse carriage, while Brendel and Ciel headed towards Earl Dunn's mansion.[5]

Abilities and Equipment

Jobs / Abilities Knowledge / Skills
Scholar Basic Magic
Creation Magic
Geography Knowledge
Sigil Magic
Basic Creation (2 MP)
Mana Arrow (1 MP)

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