These are strange ancient artifacts with the Holy Sigil of Fate inscribed on them. The cards come from different decks and cause a variety of effects when activated.[1]

The cards appear slightly bigger than a poker card, with the width of about the size of a palm. On the back there are the sigil patterns, while on the front there is an image. The top left corner tells the cards chapter number in the Ancient Language, while at the bottom it will display crystals to tell you the mana cost to activate it. The color of the crystals represented the Element Type while the number tells you how much.[2]

While experimenting with the card, Brendel placed a Soul Gem with about 20 XP charge, and the energy was immediately absorbed. Such a strong reaction can only happen with an artifact of at least 40 OZ.[3] After absorbing the mana, Brendel is able to activate the cards ability by establishing a mana link by holding it between his index finger and thumb.[1]

Known Cards:

Deck Chapter Name Ability
Heroic / Knight[4] 2 (II) Holy Sword of the Knight Summons a Holy sword that can make different Holy Magic attacks[1]
9 (IX) Highland Squire Summons a Grade 8 Scholar Ciel
Forest 7 (VII) The Forbidden Sanctuary of the Elves Provides 1 Water EP every week, can create the landscape of a forest
White magic 10 (X) The High Tower Choose a target for the spell and choose another target to receive the energy. No Prerequisite Deck user class restriction[5]

Game World

Brendel has no knowledge of such cards from the game, making them a great mystery for him.[2]

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