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Character Information
Species Undead
Gender Male [1]
Build obese [1]
Personality greedy, miser, clever
Profession Merchant collector of high-end antiques
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Noble [1]
Light Novel V.1, Ch.42 - Middle-aged person

Burnley was an obese merchant and noble at Fortress Riedon during the time when Madara’s Undead Army invaded and started The First Black Rose War.[1] He was a business partner and advisor to the current lord of the fortress, Esebar, and was a collector of valuable Magic artifacts. He was there when Esebar ordered the members of Bucce's Militia (Brendel, Freya, and Romaine) to be locked up in the Black Prison claiming that they were "assassins."[1]

Esebar angrily showed up that night after they escaped and asked Burnley for his support, and he agreed to lend him some of his people. Esebar also knew that Burnley had been secretly moving a large amount of armor into the Fortress under the cover of him being a collector, in order to arm his own force. Esebar did not question his associate, and simply warned him to be more careful hiding such actions in the future.[2]

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