Brendel's Grandfather

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Character Information
Age Elder (deceased) [1]
Species Human [2]
Gender Male [2]
Personality strict, prideful [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Squire [2]
Family Damon

Brendel's Father (son)

Brendel (grandson)

Brendel's Mother (daughter-in-law)
Light Novel Chapter 36 - Surpass me
Brendel's grandfather was a veteran Warrior who participated in the famous November War and received the Candlelight Emblem. He was a squire under a knight, and was given a longsword.[2] He was a master of Military Swordsmanship, training his skill to the highest level. It is likely that he would have been a Knight, had he been of Noble linage.[1]

Brendel remembers him as a rigid person who was not fond of speaking of laughing and had high expectations and pride towards his grandson.[1] He started training Brendel in the sword when he was young.[3] He died about ten years ago, when Brendel was approximately 9 - 10 years old.[1] He owned the large house outside of the town of Bucce that Brendel is in when Sophie wakes up in his body.[2]

Game World

Brendel can guess by comparing his memories with his knowledge from the game, that his grandfather had at least level 10 in Aouine’s military swordsmanship.[3]

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