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Character Information
Age Adult [1]
Species Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Current Stats (OZ)
Attacks and Abilities
Jobs Noble

Home Bruglas [1]
Family Sadie (wife) [1]
Light Novel 【TAS】V.1, Ch.33 - Before the assault

Bergens was a young Noble from Bruglas that liked to Adventure. His last trip was to the Zevail Mountain Pathway with a group of allies, were he became separated from them. He managed to escape up a steep slope of the Forbidden Garden and hide in a small gap in the rock wall. However, his injuries were too severe and he died there.[1]

Much to Brendel's surprise, he discovered The Noble's Last Will. He had never seen this from his time in the game and could only surmise that it was a unique mission granted to the first person to discover Bergen's remains. The mission would be completed by informing his family about his death.[1]

Other then that, Brendel only found these items on the remains:

Game World

In the game, Bergen's remains was a well known side mission for the Zevail Maountain Pathway Dungeon. The players would get a small reward for turning in his Seal Ring to the Bruglas citizen registry. They also would get to keep whatever possessions were left on the remains. This could be very valuable, as it was a random treasure. It could even be an Amber Relic Stone or Soul Gem.[1]

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