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Kingdom Aouine

Aouine is a relatively young kingdom that formed from a splintered off part of the Kirrlutz kingdom. Just as with Kirrlutz, many of it laws are derived from the Black Bible.[1] Unlike Kirrlutz and Bansel's standing armies comprised of the blacksteel rank Soldiers, more than half of Aouine’s border army’s soldiers have not reached the blacksteel rank, and even an appointed captain of the knights is only at the intermediate blacksteel rank.[2]

Aouine is bordered on the south-east by Madara and has always had small skirmishes along this border. However, in the year of "Bustling summer leaves and flowers" (Year 375), Madara’s Undead Army started a large scale invasion known as The First Black Rose War. The first border town invaded was Bucce, where Brendel was staying in his grandfather's house.[3]


Shortly after being formed, the fourth ruler of Aouine, Einz the First created the rule of having a regional army governing their own provinces in order to halt infighting between the nobles. This allowed the lords to run their regions almost like an independent state, with complete administrative power and their own laws. The king imposed a tax on all the mines, foresting lands, and farms, with the nobles free to impose a second tax. However, they were not allowed to hold their own private armies, and the defense was left to royalty or the regional army. With this dual system of separating the army and administration, the royal family controlled all the states and created a strong kingdom.[1]

The first appearance of internal strife came around the rule of the ‘Pious Disciple’, King Edelweiss, sixty years ago. When he passed away and was succeeded by King Corvado, Duke Arreck, who had the same succession rights, was discontent. The regional armies gradually started to support different factions. Since the royal family were now unable to completely control the huge armies, the authority of the capital started to wane. This is also evident by the fact that ever since the ‘Year of the Empty Beast’, the tax official had been unable to gain access to a third of the lands.[1]

Duke Arreck later forced Oberg the Sixth to change the defense laws, so that now the royal family only has control over Cifahd’s Black Bladed Army and Ampere Seale’s Eleventh Voluntary Cavalry. Under such circumstances, the royal family’s hold over many areas became weaker, however, the balance of power was constantly shifting as the contest for power between the nobles and the regional armies continued.[1]

Known Rulers:

Reign Name Notes
First & Founding King King Erik Led the people to split from Kirrlutz to escape corruption in the empire[4]
Fourth King Einz the First allowed noble lords independent control of their territory but no private forces
? - 315 Edelweiss "Pious Disciple," Internal conflict starts
315 - ? Corvado Regional armies are split between the King and Duke Arreck
Oberg the Sixth King only has control over a small number of troops
? - current (375) Oberg the Seventh King during the The First Black Rose War

Known Areas:

Game World

The Aouine kingdom was destroyed during the third Black rose war.[6]

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